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1. Education.
Trained by Naturallash  (2008)
Basic Semi-Permanent Lash Extension
Trained & Certified by Novalash (2010)
Basic Semi-Permanent Lash Extension Application
Advanced Trained & Certified by NovaLash (2012)
Advanced techniques in Semi-Permanent Lash Extension Procedures
Trained & Certified by PCASkin (2012)
Advanced application of Chemical resurfacers and facial rejuvenation.
Trained by Lash & Brow Academy Moscow (2013)
First to offer Russian Volume Semi-Permanent Lash Extensions in the State of Florida (7/2013).
Certified in Russian Brow Architecture & Semi-Permanent Brow Reconstruction.
Member of:
Associated Skincare Professionals
Lash Council of America
National Eyelash Education and Safety Association (NEESA)
2. Sanitation.
  • Steam Sanitized Linens
  • Use of disposable caps, clothes, gloves.
  • All non-disposable implements Disinfected, Rinsed and Stored in a UV cabinet before used on each client.
3. Duration.
Product Purity:
NovaLash takes great care to make the purest, safest eyelash extension products possible. Lash extension adhesives used during the application should be comprised of the cleanest, safest formulas due to the sensitive nature of the eye region. To this end, NovaLash is committed to producing physician-developed, medical grade adhesives, meaning NovaLash purifies its adhesives with no exposure to contaminants and do not contain any detectable formaldehyde as manufactured and delivered in the bottle and is confirmed by testing under EPA method TO-11A/8315HPLC-UV. However, once the adhesive bottle is opened for use, a de minimus amount of formaldehyde may be produced. NovaLash cosmetics are all scientifically formulated, ophthalmologist tested, and glycol and carbonate-free with many enhanced with natural plant extracts, peptides and multi-vitamins to promote healthier natural lashes.
This is a Medical grade adhesive which costs $100 per 5 ml.
This is NOT a cheap $20 glue in a 10 ml bottle.
Why? because our clients demand the best!
4. Reputation.
We maintain a stellar reputation by providing quality service to our clients. Please read the verified reviews below and see what our clients are saying about their experience
*Honorable Mention:  2 Big Free Parking Lots!

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  • 5Nov 19, 2013
    Best Lash Extentions in MiamiI've been going to Jenny for over two years now. Poeple are always stopping me and commenting onmy beautiful eyes. Often they do not even know that the lashes are extenstions. They look really natural. The best part is I dont wear eye makeup anymore. Jenny is the best!
  • West Aesthetics Skincare & Lashes
    5Oct 9, 2013
    Excelent serviceI am totally surprised with the results! I already have a lot of eyelashes but they're small so I would like to add a dramatic touch on it. And it's perfect! It looks natural and beautiful. I love it! And Jenny is so nice that she makes you feel comfortable even when you have to stay two hours with your eyes closed. The place is very comfortable and easy to acess. I would definitely recommend her if you want an eyelash extension. It's worth it!
  • West Aesthetics Skincare & Lashes
    5Jun 30, 2013
    AMAZING LASHES!!!I got my lashes done a few days ago and I'm so in love with the results! I've gotten so many compliments and i can't believe how natural they feel. Jenny was very knowledge and professional and I recommend her to anyone seeking natural looking lashes.
  • West Aesthetics Skincare & Lashes
    5Jun 12, 2013
    LashesI met with Jen yesterday and she did a wonderful job! She took her time and was very thorough. Her attention to detail is amazing and she is very precise. I love my new lashes and would highly reccomend her to anyone in the gables and south miami community.
  • West Aesthetics Skincare & Lashes
    5Apr 3, 2013
    I love my lashesI've been going to Jenny for over a year now and ever since people have complimented me on how beautiful my lashes are but they don't even realize that I have extensions. They look really natural. The best part is I rarely wear makeup anymore. Jenny is the best!
  • West Aesthetics Skincare & Lashes
    5Mar 22, 2013
    My lashes are NOW outstandingMy daughter had been a client of Jenny's when I noticed how beautiful her eyes always looked without any eye makeup. When she told me Jenny was doing her lashes, I called for an appointment, but not before observing how natural they look! I could not tell she had been LASHED. And it's a true timesaver in the morning.. I now wear very little eye makeup and NO mascara.. Don't need to!
  • West Aesthetics Skincare & Lashes
    5Aug 28, 2012
    Jenny is greati was a little intimidated by the size of the place in the beginning but soon after that jenn made me feel very comfortable and she did an outstanding job on my lashes! I recommend the place, the service and the prices.. always returning the calls in a timely manner, very professional! Thank you Jenny!and see you soon!
  • West Aesthetics Skincare & Lashes
    5Jul 13, 2012
    Amazing lashes, fantastic service!I live in NYC but travel a lot, so had to get my "lash fix" away from home. I found West Aesthetics because the website booking was SO convenient, but I was totally shocked when Jenny gave me the best set of lashes I've ever had (yes, snobby NYC dweller admitting something is better outside of the city). She was incredibly sweet and professional, but most importantly super talented and incredibly detail-oriented. Now I just have to rearrange my travel to be in Miami every few weeks...
  • West Aesthetics Skincare & Lashes
    5Jul 3, 2012
    Awesome lashesI really love the lashes Jenny did for me. She is also so sweet and nice I look forward to seeing her again.
  • West Aesthetics Skincare & Lashes
    5Jul 1, 2012
    love my lashes!!!It was a great experience. Jenny was very professional, experienced and pleasant. The place very nice and relaxing. Cannot wait to go back....love my lashes!!!
  • West Aesthetics Skincare & Lashes
    5Jun 5, 2012
    I think that this place is the best. I have had eyelash extension elsewhere but Jenny is so much better. She is very meticulous...they look fantastic...and I get a touch up every 2 weeks...I highly recommend her
  • West Aesthetics Skincare & Lashes
    5Jan 22, 2012
     Show time!Jenny is a very nice girl, knows everything imaginable about lashes mine look amazing! Definetely a keeper!!! A nice ambiance very relaxing and accomodating!
  • West Aesthetics Skincare & Lashes
    5Jan 7, 2012
  •  Awesome lashes!!!My experience getting my first set of lashes was wonderful. Jenny was professional and very informative. I. Lpve my lashes and can't believe I did not go sonner.
  • West Aesthetics Skincare & Lashes
    4Dec 21, 2011
     Very Professional Jenny was very precise in her explanation of the process and the experience was very relaxing. I LOVE the lashed they are extremely narural looking! Going Back soon.
  • West Aesthetics Skincare & Lashes
    5Jul 29, 2011
    Best experience ever!!!!Jenni has hands of silk! She is so caring, and knowledgeable I left feeling like a queen. My facial was one to remember. My skin feels smooth and healthy. Thank you!!!
  • West Aesthetics Skincare & Lashes
    5Jul 20, 2011
    Excellent service.I think the place is great and it is a little oasis. The parking is easy Jenny is wonderful and makes your eyelashes look very natural but great at the same time.
  • West Aesthetics Skincare & Lashes
    5Jul 6, 2011
  •  great experience!!!Loved the visit! Jennifer was very knowledgeable and friendly. I have never had lash extensions before and they are amazing!! i will definitely be returning!
Beautiful NovaLash Eyelash Extensions are a popular new service that lengthens and thickens your own natural eyelash.
Eyelash extensions are single strands of synthetic eyelashes that are permanently curved to replicate your natural eyelash. They are applied one polished eyelash tip to one of your individual eyelashes for a natural look.
NOVALASH Semi-Permanent Eyelash Extensions are virtually undetectable and  perfect for special occasions or for day to day wear. They provide a natural lift to the eye area which enhances the overall beauty of the face.
 With proper maintenence, Indefinately!
The average person, depending on genetics, naturally sheds between 3-5 eyelashes a day (during winter months most people shed at the upper end of this spectrum).
Your  Aesthetician strategically attaches one (1) single  polished tip to one (1) natural eyelash during your Re-Lash appointment to replace your originally shed lashes. With proper Quick & Beautiful Touch-ups, your initial set wil last indefinately. Everyone's experience will differ based on day to day activities, but over all your Touch-ups should only be required every 2 1/2 -3 1/2 weeks to replace those naturally lost.
West Aesthetics uses sanitized and sterilized implements in all procedures. The client will be asked to apply a disposable hair bonnet and the clients neck will be cradled in a plush neck pillow that is covered by a disposable and sanitary sheath. We know the necessity of a clean and sanitized environment while performing this procedure, we will never compromise this for 'faster' or 'cheaper' service.
Your natural eyelashes fall off every 45-90 days and are naturally replaced with new lashes. Other factors such as exposure to steam or touching your eyes too much may cause the eyelash extensions to fall off sooner. Your NovaLash touch-up is recommended every
2 1/2 - 3 1/2 weeks or when about half have naturally shed.
Although use of mascara is not needed or recommended, you can use it as long as its water based and used only on the tips of your new NovaLash EyeLash Extensions.
* DO clean lashes daily with gentle lash & lid cleanser (or an oil free cleanser)
* DO make your touch-up appointments at current appointment to keep flawless looking lashes
* DO make use of our Holiday & Special promotions to increase your lash budget
* DON'T get lashes wet for the first 12-24 hours (allows adhesive to properly cure)
* DON'T rub, pick, pull or twist your lashes (disturbs the bond)
* DON'T use a mechanical eyelash curler
* Use only water based mascara(optional) and only on the tips
* Use only water based eye makeup remover
NovaLash Eyelash extensions are available in a number of lengths and thickness. During your consultation we will discuss the most flattering style, length, and thickness with you. Each person's lashes will vary in length and thickness depending on the length and thickness your natural lash and what your lash can hold.
How do I know which chemical peel treatment is right for me?
Your skin care professional will be trained on each of the PCA Professional™ Products. This training will allow them to not only choose a treatment designed for your skin type, but customize a treatment, addressing your personal skin care needs.
How much discomfort should be expected when having a peel?
The level of discomfort experienced depends on the treatment. Most PCA Professional™ chemical peels are gentle and create little or no burning or stinging sensation in the skin. Dramatic wrinkling, sun damage or acne scars may require a deeper peel, which may cause moderate stinging for a few minutes. More dramatic results can be expected from a deeper peel, however deep peels are not necessary for most skin types and conditions. PCA’s philosophy of taking a low-dose approach means our superficial chemical peels create minimal discomfort and produce beautiful and immediate results for most patients.
Should people who are frequently in the sun receive peels?
Yes, but only if they are compliant with using sunscreen protection every day. Sunbathing should be avoided directly following a treatment and while the skin is peeling.
Which peels may be used on someone who exercises frequently?
Someone who is active may have any peel, but all peel patients must wait 48 hours after a treatment to exercise. If this is not an option, the Non-Burning Facial Peel or Intensive Vitamin C Treatment are alternate choices. These treatments use our Ultra Peel® II Exfoliating Treatment which is an acid-free retinol cream. Its delayed flaking action will not cause irritation or downtime, and leaves the skin glowing and hydrated.
Will a chemical peel make thin skin even thinner?
Dry skin is partially the result of dead cell buildup, which actually hinders natural exfoliation as well as the absorption and penetration of vitamins and nutrients. Having a PCA Professional™ chemical peel will remove surface buildup, hydrate the skin and give it a plumper, “thicker” appearance. The use of topical vitamin C and peptide products in a treatment, as well as in your daily care regimen will help build collagen in the skin, thus making it stronger and more durable

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